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Index Governance

Index Committee

The Brendan Wood Shareholder Conviction TopGun Index is maintained by the U.S. Index Committee. All committee members are full-time professional members of Brendan Wood Shareholder Conviction TopGun Index’s staff. The committee meets daily. At each meeting, the Index Committee reviews pending corporate actions that may affect index constituents, statistics comparing the composition of the indices to the market, companies that are being considered as candidates for addition to an index, and any significant market events. In addition, the Index Committee may revise index policy covering rules for selecting companies, treatment of dividends, share counts or other matters.

Brendan Wood Shareholder Conviction TopGun Index considers information about changes to its indices and related matters to be potentially market moving and material. Therefore, certain Index Committee discussions are confidential.

The Brendan Wood Shareholder Conviction TopGun Index Committee reserve the right to make exceptions when applying the methodology if the need arises. In any scenario where the treatment differs from the general rules stated in this document or supplemental documents, users will receive sufficient notice, whenever possible.

In addition to its daily governance of indices and maintenance of index methodologies, at least once within any 12-month period, the Index Committee reviews this methodology to ensure the indices continue to achieve the stated objectives, and that the data and methodology remain effective. In certain instances, the Brendan Wood Shareholder Conviction TopGun Index may publish a consultation inviting comments from external parties.